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Yacht Insurance for all yachts, boats and pleasure craft in the Philippines and worldwide.

You should insure your yacht for the same reason you would insure your car or your house - if disaster strikes (by your hand or by the hand of another) an insurance policy will ease the burden of recovering your investment in your boat.

Questions About Yacht Insurance

Can I get An Insurance Quote For Free?

you can get an insurance quotation online for free, without obligation, for your yacht, boat or pleasure craft, just click this Insurance Quotation Request link and fill out the form, a quotation will be emailed back to you within two working days

Where Is Yacht Insurance Required In The Philippines?

actually, third party liability insurance is technically required everywhere and it makes good sense to have it, but some places are especially strict, for example: if you want to pull into a berth at Subic Bay Yacht Club you are required to have at least third party liability boat insurance; in most other Philippine marinas and recognised anchorages insurance is optional at the moment but that is likely to change as MARINA (the Philippine Government regulatory authority for on-water carft) is sharpening its focus on compliance by pleasure boat and other water craft owners and operators

Will Insurance Pay Out For Typhoon Damage?

if you included typhoon coverage in your yacht insurance policy then you are covered for typhoon damage provided you have followed the prerequisites in terms of securing your yacht in advance of the storm and taking all reasonable actions necessary to protect your yacht during the passage of the storm

Do I Need A Yacht Survey For Insurance?

a lot depends on the value you want to insure your yacht for and whether the insurance company believes it is a reasonable risk

Can I talk To Someone About Insurance?

yes, you can call 09165940540 and we will try to answer any other questions but we cannot give you a verbal quotation, for quotations please fill out the form found using this Insurance Quotation Request link


if you have requirements that are not met here then drop us a line and we will make inquiries for you:
contact Philippine Yacht Charter.

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